Instructions for VoIP and IP telephony in the UPJŠ network

1. Calling an IP phone or from a program installed on your computer

The configuration of the IP phone is carried out by the IT department of UPJŠ or the faculty.
For calls on the UPJŠ network, simply dial the flap number from the phone book.
When installing and configuring the program, set:

2. Calling to other IP telephony networks

To call other IP telephony networks from your computer, you only need to dial the appropriate number in national (055...) or international (+42155... or 0042155...) form.

3. Paid calls

Other networks that do not support VoIP connections can be accessed via one of the operators. Such calls are chargeable and are therefore only allowed to certain UPJŠ employees. Local and long-distance calls are dialled directly, e.g. via 055xxxxxxxxx, long-distance calls via 00420xxxxxxxxxxx, or with area code 9 (9055xxxxxxxxx, 900420xxxxxxxxxxx).

4. Calls from business mobile phones

Users who have prepaid calls to this network have the possibility to call all VoIP clappers of the UPJS free of charge. Calls are made by dialing +421918919477 and entering the subscriber's 4-digit VoIP flap when the announcement sounds.

In case you want to save the VoIP flap in the phone book of your mobile phone, it can be entered directly as follows: +421918919477pXXXX
by typing the character "p" on the mobile using the star key, which must be pressed 3 times, replace XXXX with the 4-digit VoIP flap. The number of channels is limited, in case of occupancy it is not possible to make calls.

The number of channels is limited, calls cannot be made if busy.

5. Calling to the flap of the University Hospital, SNP Street 1

Make toll-free calls to the University Hospital, SNP Class 1 switchboard by dialing extension 30 and the 4-digit FNLP flap.

The number of channels is limited, calls cannot be made if busy.